First Post and Introduction

“CQ, CQ, CQ…”

Ever since I was a kid, I had this great fascination with radio waves and receiving signals from abroad. I use to have my Mothers’ old Sansui receiver in my room, with tinfoil wrapped around the rabbit ears hoping that I would be able to gain signals from abroad. We lived in a small town of roughly 2000 people, and we only had access to two radio stations. It wasn’t until my teens that my Mom passed down her fancy Hitachi boombox to me. It had detachable stereo speakers and had a  receiver capable of listening to international VHF signals. During the night and with perfect conditions, I would be able to listen to radio signals from BBC Radio and automated CW transmissions.

When I was 14 or 16, I met the superintendent of schools for the town that I was living in at the time. We use to have these text chats using modem software (prior to our town having Internet access). He invited me over one day, and that is where I got to see his radio room. He was set up for 20M and beyond, it was crazy. He allowed me to listen to some of the broadcasts from across the globe, and from that point forward, I was hooked. Once I moved away from my home town, my focus on HAM radio drifted off for several years. I was more interested in PC’s, gaming, and being a geek in general. It was recently that I found out a co-worker was  a ‘HAM’, and he suggested that I take a course at his radio club here in Edmonton. The course isn’t (yes I am waiting to take it) happening for another two months, so I had to find something to cure my ‘bug’ for wanting to communicate. It was then I came across HamSphere and I was shocked to find out that I could actually transmit using a special call-sign without needing an IC (Industry Canada) HAM license. So I downloaded it, installed it, and listened for an hour. Then I finally worked up the courage to respond to someone’s CQ. It was from a real HAM operator in Canada, not a HamSphere user. Success! My first contact! It would have been more special to have made the first contact using a real radio, but is great none-the-less. I had two successful QSO’s last night and sent/received two QSL cards to/from the contacts that I talked to.

Unfortunately I’m stuck with the GF tonight (don’t tell her that!), but I look forward to getting on HamSphere more often and log more QSO’s.

Anyways, 73′s for now and this is 9HS2385 – QRT.

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